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Blazing Teens 4 - YOYOS ARE OUT!!
28th August 2012
Blazing Teens 4 Entire Plot (completed)
22nd May 2012: The Last Word & Last Updates
Site Closed!
God of War - in Blazing Teens 4 yoyo
Hi, Hi
Blazing Teens III Plot
Avatars Made By Me - Blazing Teens 3 (Currently 2 sets out!)
Blazing Teen 3 Live-Action Characters (preview?)
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A forum for the fans of Blazing Teens. Blazing Teens is a live-action show and animation of yoyos in China. Members may talk about Blazing Teens 1 and 2, 3 and 4.
Latest Articles
Blazing Teens 4 - YOYOS ARE OUT!!
Auldey Toys uploaded this on to their website recently:

As you can see, their new header/banner is "Blazing Teens 4", which wasn't officially named in China, but was fixed up in the English version.

Well, we've been waiting, huh?

I guessed they changed some of their names (of the yoyos).

ANYWAY, I'm not gonna be updating this site anymore - go to - I'll post some ...
28th August 2012
Should I revive this site?

If we do, I'll change it into a blog, rather than a forum. I really doubt anyone would read it, but that way I won't feel such a hassle. I do get the occassional notice from the chatbox at the top so... :/

No one appreciates my graphics skills, but I had fun making them. So I think I could just make a blog. Comments enabled, but I still doubt anyone would look. o_o

Of course, I could give you more information of the animated season ...
22nd May 2012: The Last Word & Last Updates
You probably already know that I'm planning to close this site, but the information will continue to stay here (hopefully, because if this site always has visitors, it will forever live).

You know...I've always wished for someone who would actually come and join this forum and tell me that they like the information I've given, they like what I've done for graphics, they appreciate all the information about the yoyos and what-not no one else has done before.

But you know what? Several times ...
God of War - in Blazing Teens 4 yoyo

Basic Details
[b ...
Site Closed!
I'm sorry, I no longer have time to give you any updates of Blazing Teens! Site is officially closing!

If you have any queries, please email

I'm really sorry!!
Hi, Hi
News for today is at this temporary page. We'll move to a better place soon. (We're having HTML glitches). I'm sorry, the forum is going a little strange, pages aren't building properly... I think we've run out of storage (not sure!).
and please paste this code in!

<table width="550" height="400" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" border=" ...
Avatars Made By Me - Blazing Teens 3 (Currently 2 sets out!)
I made some avatars of my own: I hope you like them! Comment all you like! I don't add all of them to the first it's a bit separated but WHO CARES!?!

TIP: To see the avatar URL, right click on the image and press 'Properties' (likely to be at the very bottom of the list of options). When you click on it, under the tab 'General', you will find a URL. That's the link you can use to post the picture on a forum.

Or you could save it onto your computer and then uplo ...
The Logos!!!
It took a while to decide the best colours. Well, I reckon we all know them.

Everyone is free to use these images.
Blazing Teens 3 Synopsis - Official Website Stuff
This is straight from the official website. It's just for the IN CASE you haven't been on that website and is probably looking for something to promote Blazing Teens to a friend, you can use this. It's interesting!

 Chongming Middle School is an ordinary junior middle school in Jiangchuan City, but its school YOYO team - Blazing Team is the most promising team with the highest reputation. The reason lies in the soul of the team Captain, Jacky! Jacky is one of the mo ...
The yoyos....
I'll give you a quick few details of who has which yoyo... I saw these while editing the relationship diagrams. I only know a few!

[Shang FangRong] - Flame Phoenixloid (GOLD)
[Xin Di] - Phantom
[Guo Dong] - Flaming Bird
Andy - Marin
[Qu HaoNan] - I THINK that's God of War (GREEN)

(I'll find out more)
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Art from the official website :) [III]
Blazing Teen 3 Live-Action Characters (preview?)
Blazing Teens 4 Entire Plot (completed)
Let's write summaries of the characters.
Avatars Made By Me - Blazing Teens 3 (Currently 2 sets out!)
Diagram for character relationships.
Blazing Teens - Theme / Main Song Lyrics
The last episode of Blazing Teens IV *HEAVY WITH SPOILERS*
Blazing Teens 3 Live Action
Sandy's Profile (Yeshuang)
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